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Figure 6

From: Colony shape as a genetic trait in the pattern-forming Bacillus mycoides

Figure 6

Ribotyping in Bacillus strains. A blot of EcoRI digested total DNA was hybridized by a probe specific for an evolutionarily conserved region of 16S rRNA. Various members of the B. cereus group show different patterns: lane 1, B. mycoides ATCC 6462T; lane 2, B. mycoides DX; lane 3, B. pseudomycoides NRRL B-617T; lane 4, B. mycoides NRRL NRS-273; lane 5, B. thuringiensis BGSC 4D; lane 6, B. mycoides SIN. Mutant strains all derived from SIN96, with identical patterns: lane 7, B. mycoides SINett; lane 8, CAD; lane 9, CIC; lane 10–13 cotton-like mutants.

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