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Table 3 Summary of cPCR assay.

From: Diversity and abundance of bacteria in an underground oil-storage cavity

cPCR type Primer used Annealing Tm (°C) Length of DNA fragment (bp) Specificity
    Taget Competitor Sequence type Phylogenetic group
AB U515f and AB1173r 60 658 431 KU21, KU25 Acetobacterium
AZ B341f and AZ665r 55 324 437 KU34 Parts of Azoarcus and Zoogloea
BC B341f and U533r 55 170–210 336 All Bacteria
DB B968f and DB1286r 55 318 437 KB14 Part of Desulfobacula
DT U515f and DT1047r 60 526 340 KB13, KB32, KU26 Part of Desulfotomaculum
DV DV387f and DV701r 55 314 415 KB1, KB33, KB38 Desulfovibrio
EP B341f and EP710r 55 369 465 KB2, KB8 Cluster-1 bacteria