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Table 2 CMV quantities of superinfected P3HR-1 cells.

From: Epstein-Barr virus reactivation after superinfection of the BJAB-B1 and P3HR-1 cell lines with cytomegalovirus

  Type Threshold Cycle (TC) Starting Quantity (SQ)
A1 standard 17.63 5.00 × 105
A2 Standard 24.14 5.00 × 103
A3 Standard 29 5.00 × 101
D5 Unknown 31.75 1.98 × 100
D6 Unknown 32.59 9.01 × 10-1
D7 Unknown 29.19 2.17 × 101
  1. Data presented here were calculated from the standard curve with the included analysis software. D5, D6, and D7 correspond to 96, 120, and 168 hours. The TC (threshold cycle) is the cycle number in which the fluorescence of the sample crosses the threshold line. The threshold level is a subjective analysis by placing the line when the samples were in its exponential phase of the PCR reactions. The software calculates the 'Starting Quantity' (SQ), which represents the input copies of cDNA.