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Table 2 The average time in obtaining results (express in TAT) of bbFISH ® versus traditional culture methods in and within the two hospitals

From: Beacon-based (bbFISH®) technology for rapid pathogens identification in blood cultures

Turn around time expressed in hours Hospital of Rome Hospital of Verona Mean value between the two hospitals
Average TAT bbFish® (h) 8.9 (range 30 min-17,2H) 1.5 (range 30 min-150 min) 5.2
Average TAT of traditional culture method (h) 38.8 48.5 43.65
Two tailed p-value 0.0001  
Δ (earlier diagnosis) (h) 29.9 47.0 38.45
  1. Δ = means the difference in time to achieve a final result.