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Table 3 Percentage of nucleotide sequence identity of cdt genes between selected strains and type strains

From: Molecular characterization of cytolethal distending toxin gene-positive Escherichia coli from healthy cattle and swine in Nara, Japan

Strain Serotype PG cdt cdtA cdtB cdtC
cnf2 -positive CTEC-V
Bv-1 OUT:H1 B1 cdt-V 1 (99.8%)/cdt-III 2 (98.0%) cdt-VA (100%)/cdt-IIIA (97.3%) cdt-IIIB (100%)/cdt-VB (99.9%) cdt-VC (99.3%)/cdt-IIIC (96.2%)
Bv-3 O8:HUT B1
Bv-5 OUT:H2 B1
Bv-8 OUT:H2 B1
Bv-15 OUT:H2 B1
Bv-49 OUT:H2 B1
Bv-65 OUT:H2 B1     
CTEC-V with untypable cdt genes by previous PCRs
Bv-55 OUT:H48 D cdt-V (97.1%)/cdt-III (95.9%) cdt-VA (96.4%)/cdt-IIIA (94.6%) cdt-IIIB (97.0%)/cdt-VB (96.9%) cdt-VC (98.4%)/cdt-IIIC (96.0%)
Bv-68 OUT:H48 D
Sw-26 O98:H10 B1 cdt-V (95.8%)/cdt-III (95.1%) SbcdtA 3 (94.5%)/EacdtA 4 (94.2%) cdt-IIIB (99.1%)/cdt-VB (99.0%) cdt-VC (97.4%)/cdt-IIIC (95.1%)
Bv-87 (cdt-III) O2:HUT B2 cdt-III (98.7%)/cdt-V (97.6%) cdt-IIIA (97.6%)/cdt-VA (95.1%) cdt-IIIB (100%)/cdt-VB (99.9%) cdt-IIIC (98.5%)/cdt-VC (97.6%)
Bv-87 (cdt-V)    cdt-V (98.3%)/cdt-III (97.1%) cdt-VA (96.5%)/cdt-IIIA (94.7%) cdt-IIIB (99.8%)/cdt-VB (99.6%) cdt-VC (98.7%)/cdt-IIIC (96.3%)
Randomly selected 9 strains from CTEC-V
Bv-7 O22:HUT B1 cdt-V (100%)/cdt-III (98.0%) cdt-VA (100%)/cdt-IIIA (97.3%) cdt-VB (100%)/cdt-IIIB (99.9%) cdt-VC (100%)/cdt-IIIC (96.2%)
Bv-43 O154:H34 B1
Bv-56 O156:HUT B1
Bv-61 OUT:H8 B1
Bv-91 O22:H8 B1
Bv-98 O22:H8 B1
Bv-21 O2:H10 B2 cdt-V (99.8%)/cdt-III (98.1%) cdt-VA (100%)/cdt-IIIA (97.3%) cdt-IIIB (99.9%)/cdt-VB (99.8%) cdt-VC (99.5%)/cdt-IIIC (96.7%)
Bv-88 OUT:H25 B1 cdt-V (99.8%)/cdt-III (98.0%) cdt-VA (100%)/cdt-IIIA (97.3%) cdt-IIIB (100%)/cdt-VB (99.9%) cdt-VC (99.3%)/cdt-IIIC (96.2%)
Bv-100 OUT:H21 B1 cdt-V (99.7%)/cdt-III (98.0%) cdt-VA (99.9%)/cdt-IIIA (97.2%) cdt-IIIB (99.9%)/cdt-VB (99.8%) cdt-VC (99.5%)/cdt-IIIC (96.3%)
  1. 1From E. coli strain 9282/01 (AY365042), 2from 1404 (U89305), 3from S. boydii strain K-1 (AY696753), 4from E. albertii strain 19982 (AY696755).