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Table 1 Characteristics a of BMA1027 orthologous genes and their encoded products

From: Characterization of an autotransporter adhesin protein shared by Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei

Strainb Locus tag Predicted protein (aa) MW (kDa) Potential signal sequence cleavage sitec
B. pseudomallei     
  1026b/DD503* BP1026B_I1575 1,152 107.4 ASA37G, AMA69A
  K96243 BPSL1631 1,124 104.8 ASA37G, AMA69A
B. mallei     
  ATCC 23344 BMA1027 1,012 94.7 ASA37G, AMA69A
  1. aSequence analyses were performed using Vector NTI (Life Technologies™) and online tools available through the ExPASy Bioinformatics Resources Portal.
  2. bGenomic sequences are available through the NCBI genomic BLAST service.
  3. cThe putative signal sequence cleavage sites were determined using the SignalP 4.1 server.
  4. *The B. pseudomallei strain DD503 is a derivative of isolate 1026b in which the AmrAB-OprA antibiotic efflux pump has been deleted to facilitate mutant construction[61]. The BMA1027 orthologs of strains DD503 and 1026b are identical (confirmed by nucleotide sequence analysis, data not shown).