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Figure 2

From: Overproduction of Toxoplasma gondii cyclophilin-18 regulates host cell migration and enhances parasite dissemination in a CCR5-independent manner

Figure 2

IL-12 production in the ascites fluid of infected mice. Wild type (WT) and CCR5−/− (KO) mice were infected intraperitoneally with T. gondii tachyzoites. IL-12 production in the ascites fluid was measured at 3 and 5 days post-infection (dpi). Each value represents the mean ± the standard deviation of four replicate samples. RH-GFP (GFP): parasites transfected with GFP; RH-OE (OE): parasites transfected with TgCyp18HA and GFP. Results are representative of two repeated experiments with similar results.

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