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Table 2 E. coli strains and plasmids used in this work

From: Copper tolerance mediated by polyphosphate degradation and low-affinity inorganic phosphate transport system in Escherichia coli

Strains and plasmids Relevant genotype or description Construction or reference
MC4100 araD, lac, rpsL, flbB, deoC, ptsF, rbsR, relA1 [37]
LSB022 MC4100 (ppkppx::Km) [22]
LSB022/pBC29 LSB022/pBC29((ppkppx::Km /ppk +, Ap) [29]
RKP2935 RKP4353 [Φ(pitA–lacZ)] pitA::Cm [38]
AN3901 JC7623 pitB::Cm [39]
AN4080 pitA1 pitB::Cm [39]
LSB026 MC4100 pitA:: Cm (P1(RKP2935)xMC4100)
MGP001 MC4100 pitB::Cm (P1(AN3901)xMC4100)
JW0473-3 F-, araD-araB, lacZ, copA::km λ , rph-1, rhaD-rhaB, hsdR CGSC
MGP002 MC4100 copA::Km (P1(JW0473-3)xMC4100)
MGP003 MGP002 copA::FRT This study
MGP004 MGP003 ppkppx::Km, copA (P1(LSB022)xMGP003)
MGP005 MGP004 /pBC29 ((ppkppx::Km, copA /ppk + , Ap) This study
pBC29 (ppk + , Ap) [24]
pCP20 Ap, Cm, cI857 lPR flp pSC101 oriTS [40]