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Table 1 List of strains and plasmids used

From: Characterization of two transketolases encoded on the chromosome and the plasmid pBM19 of the facultative ribulose monophosphate cycle methylotroph Bacillus methanolicus

Strain, plasmid Function and relevant characteristics References
B. methanolicus   
MGA3 Wild-type strain [19]
E. coli   
DH5α F- thi-1 endA1 hsdR17(r - m-) supE44 ΔlacU169 (-80lacZΔM15) recA1 gyrA96 relA1 Bethesda research labs
BL21 ompT hsdSB(rB - mB_) gal dcm (DE3) Novagen [40]
pEKEx3 SpeR; C. glutamicum/E. coli shuttle vector (P tac , lacI q; pBL1, OriV C.g. , OriV E.c. ) [41]
pHP13 B. methanolicus-E. coli shuttle vector; ClmR [42]
pHP13mp pHP13 carrying lysC coding region under control of the mdh promoter [39]
pTH1mp-lysC Similar as pHP13mp-lysC but with Pci I site upstream mdh promoter removed [43]
pTH1mp pTH1, but with a mdh promoter upstream to the mcs This work
pTH1-tkt c (Bme) Derived from pTH1, for regulated expression of tkt c of B. methanolicus This work
pTH1-tkt p (Bme) Derived from pTH1, for regulated expression of tkt p of B. methanolicus This work
pET16b AmpR; T7lac; vector for his-tagged protein overproduction (Novagen)
pET16b-tkt c (Bme) For production of his-tagged TKTC from B. methanolicus This work
pET16b-tkt P(Bme) For production of his-tagged TKTP from B. methanolicus This work
pET16b-gapB Purification of his-tagged E. coli E4PDH from E. coli BL21(DE3) This work
  1. Abbreviations: SpeR, spectinomycin resistance; ClmR, chloramphenicol resistance; AmpR, ampicillin resistance.