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Table 4 Individuals who acquired a deletion in the S. aureus spa -gene during their hospital admission

From: Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus protein A (spa) mutants in the community and hospitals in Oxfordshire

Individual ID Date swab taken Results Spa type Rearrangements
BC 30/01/2011 MSSA t298  
BC 08/02/2011 MSSA t298 delG-insB
BD 14/04/2011 MSSA t571  
BD 19/04/2011 MSSA t571 delG-insB
BD 26/04/2011 MSSA t571 delG-insB
BE-a1 20/06/2011 MSSA t179  
BE-g2 20/06/2011 MSSA t179  
BE-n3 20/06/2011 MSSA t179/t078  
BE-th4 20/06/2011 MSSA t179/t078  
BE 05/07/2011 MSSA t179/t078  
BE 12/07/2011 MSSA t179/t078 delE
BE 20/07/2011 MSSA t179/t078 delE
  1. 1–4body sites swabs: a – axilla, g – groin, n – nose, th – throat; all other swabs are nasal swabs; spa-types in bold acquired deletion that affects binding site for standard forward spa-typing primer.