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Table 3 Spa -typing of S. aureus strains from a single individual AE with two sets of primers: standard primers 1095 F/1517R and novel primers spaT3-F/1517R

From: Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus protein A (spa) mutants in the community and hospitals in Oxfordshire

Time points, months DNA prep (mixed boilate) 12 single colony picks2
  1095 F/1517R spaT3-F/1517R spaT3-F/1517R
AE-0 t230 MST1 t230/t012
AE-1 non-typable t012 t012
AE-2 t230 MST t230/t012
AE-4 t230 MST t230
AE-6 t230 MST t230/t528
AE-8 t008 MST t008/t012/t571
AE-10 t230 MST t230
AE-12 t230 MST t230
AE-14 t230 MST t230
  1. 1mixed sequence traces; 2 spa-types in bold have delE and could not be typed with standard primers; spa-repeats:
  2. t230: 08-16-02-16-34.
  3. t571: 08-16-02-25-02-25-34-25.
  4. t008: 11-19-12-21-17-34-24-34-22-25.
  5. t012: 15-12-16-02-16-02-25-17-24-24.
  6. t528: 04.