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Table 2 S. aureus isolates with and without different types of rearrangement in the spa -gene in community and inpatient samples: isolates with hidden deletions

From: Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus protein A (spa) mutants in the community and hospitals in Oxfordshire

Group Isolates Individuals
  no. % no. %
Total strains without deletions/insertions or with only hidden deletions investigated 99 100% 97 100%
Hidden deletions found 11 11% 11 11%
  1. Note: Hidden deletions were found in 16% (5/32) of S. aureus strains from 16% (5/31) individuals in the community and in 9% (6/67) strains from 9% (6/66) hospital in patients with bacteraemia (p = 0.33); pooled data are therefore presented.