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Table 1 Chemical structure of DSF signal and its derivatives used in this study

From: Diffusible signal factor (DSF) quorum sensing signal and structurally related molecules enhance the antimicrobial efficacy of antibiotics against some bacterial pathogens

Compound Configuration Structure References
T8-DSF trans 14
T10-DSF trans 14
T11-DSF trans 14
T12-DSF trans 14
T13-DSF trans 14
T14-DSF trans 14
T15-DSF trans 14
C8-DSF cis 14
C10-DSF cis 14
C11-DSF cis 14
C12-DSF cis 22
DSF cis 14
C13-DSF cis This study
C14-DSF cis 14
C15-DSF cis 14
S12-DSF NT This study