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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Arginine deiminase pathway is far more important than urease for acid resistance and intracellular survival in Laribacter hongkongensis: a possible result of arc gene cassette duplication

Strains or plasmids Characteristics Source or reference
E. coli DH5α F-, Ф80d lacZ∆M15, ∆(lacZYA-argF)U169, endA 1, recA 1, hsdR 17(rk-, mk+) deoR, thi-1, supE 44, λ-, gyrA 96(Nalr), relA 1 Invitrogen
E. coli SM10(λ pir) thi thr leu tonA lacY supE recA::RP4-2-TC::Mu Km λpir [23]
L. hongkongensis HLHK1 to HLHK30 Thirty human strains isolated from patients with community-acquired gastroenteritis in Hong Kong [3]
HLHK9 HLHK9 derivative with Sm resistance phenotype, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆ureA HLHK9 derivative with ureA deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆ureC HLHK9 derivative with ureC deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆ureD HLHK9 derivative with ureD deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆ureE HLHK9 derivative with ureE deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆arcA1 HLHK9 derivative with arcA1 deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆arcA2 HLHK9 derivative with arcA2 deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆arcA1/arcA2 HLHK9 derivative with arcA1 and arcA2 double deletion, Sm+ This study
HLHK9∆ureA/arcA1/arcA2 HLHK9 derivative with ureA, arcA1 and arcA2 triple deletion, Sm+ This study
pUC19 Cloning vector; ori lacZ Ampr Invitrogen
pCVD442 Suicide plasmid; R6K ori mob RP4 bla sacB [25]
pDS132 Suicide plasmid; R6K ori mob RP4 cat sacB [22]
pDS132-ureA pDS132 carrying 5′- and 3′-flanking regions of ureA for mutagenesis of ureA This study