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Table 3 Homologues of aminoglycoside resistance genes detected in the human gut microbiota via PCR techniques

From: A degenerate PCR-based strategy as a means of identifying homologues of aminoglycoside and β-lactam resistance genes in the gut microbiota

Accession # Gene description Closest homologue E value % identity
aac (6)     
AAA25680.1 AG 6′-N-acetyltransferase Pseudomonas fluorescens 4 e-48 98
WP_006234103.1 Hypothetical protein Colaer00186 Collinsella aerofaciens 0.0 95
AAS45464.1 6′-N-acetyltransferase A. baumannii 3e-33 75
aac (6′)- Ie-aph (2″)     
WP_002304968.1 Phosphotransferase E. faecium 9e-108 100
WP_001028140.1 Acetyltransferase GNAT S. aureus 1e-107 99
WP_001028143.1 Acetyltransferase GNAT S. aureus 1e-107 99
WP_010729367.1 Bifunctional AAC/APH partial sequence E. faecium 5e-106 99
AAX82584.1 Bifunctional AG modifying enzyme Enterococcus faecalis 2e-112 100
WP_002417297.1 6′ AG acetyltransferase E. faecalis 3e-111 97
AFR11868.1 Bifunctional AG 6′-N acetytransferase/2′-AG phosphotransferases S. epidermidis 1e-43 99
AFM29914.1 Gentamycin resistance protein Enterococcus sp. 7e-45 97
aph (2″) Id     
3SG8_A Chain A crystal structure AG 2′ phosphotransferases E. casseliflavus 1e-110 98
3N4T_A Aph2″ chain a E. casseliflavus 2e-110 99
AAT77696.1 AG modifying enzyme E. faecium 1e-68 94
Aph (2″)-Ic     
3TDVA AG phosphotransferase Enterococcus gallinarum 2e-83 97
ant (2″) Ia     
YP_005176240.1 AG 2′–O-adenyltransferase Pasturella mutocida 2e-97 100
WP_000314377.1 2′ AG nucleotidlytransferase A. baumannii 3e-94 99
WP_000946493.1 2′ AG A. baumannii 1e-94 99
ACJ47203.1 AG adenyltransferase E. coli 6e-94 99
ACA48663.14 AG adenyltransferase Morganella morganii 2e-96 99
aac (3)-VI     
AAA16194.1 aac 3–6 Enterobacter cloacae 2e-05 77
WP_001642188.1 AG acetyltransferase S. enterica subsp enterica 2e-20 98
  1. AG: aminoglycoside. Gene names are in bold.