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Figure 5

From: Antimicrobial and antibiofilm potential of biosurfactants isolated from lactobacilli against multi-drug-resistant pathogens

Figure 5

Transmission electron microscope details on A. baumanni and S. aureus treated with BSLR. A. baumannii and S. aureus grown in the presence and absence of BSLR (4X MIC) were imaged at 3 h post incubation. Photographs were taken at a magnification of × 15000. The thick arrow indicates septum formation and the thin arrow indicates the ghost cells appearance respectively. For S. aureus, images were also acquired at lower magnification of ×8000, where a visible difference was seen between treated and untreated samples. BSLR treated S. aureus showed many more ghost cells (thin arrows) and cells without visible intracellular organelles compared to untreated cells (thick double arrows).

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