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Table 5 Bacterial strains used in this study

From: Characterization and regulation of the Resistance-Nodulation-Cell Division-type multidrug efflux pumps MdtABC and MdtUVW from the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora

Strain Relevant characteristics or genotypea Reference or source
Escherichia coli   
XL1-Blue recA 1 endA 1 gyrA 96 thi-1 hsdR 17(rK mK +) supE 44 relA 1 lac [F’ proAB lacI q ZΔM15Tn10(Tcr)] Stratagene
BL21(DE3) F ompT gal dcm lon hsdS B(rB mB ) λ(DE3) Novagen
S17-1 Tcr Smr, recA pro hsdR (RP4-2-Tc::Mu-Km::Tn7) [45]
S17-1 λ-pir λpir phage lysogen of S17-1 [45]
DH5α λ-pir F supE 44 Δlac U169 (ΦlacZ ΔM15) recA 1 endA 1 hsdR 17(rK mK +) thi-1 gyrA 96 relA 1, λpir phage lysogen D. Lies, Caltech
Erwinia amylovora   
Ea1189 wild type GSPBb
Ea1189-3 Ea1189, Kmr cassette in acrB [7]
Ea1189.ΔmdtABC Ea1189, mdtABC deletion mutant This study
Ea1189.ΔmdtUVW Ea1189, mdtUVW deletion mutant This study
  1. aAntibiotic resistance: Apr, ampicillin; Cmr, chloramphenicol; Kmr, kanamycin; Smr, streptomycin; Tcr, tetracycline.
  2. bGSPB, Göttinger Sammlung Phytopathogener Bakterien, Göttingen, Germany.