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Table 3 Pathogenicity island-like regions in E. rhusiopathiae strain SY1027 genome

From: Complete genome assembly and characterization of an outbreak strain of the causative agent of swine erysipelas – Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae SY1027

PAI-L # Start End Size %GC flanked by tRNA PAIs homologous to this region^ No. of ORF in homo. PAI* Potential VFф
PAI-L01 806018 811037 5020 37.5 N.F. VPI-2 (Vibrio cholerae O1) 8 N.F.
PAI-L02 826289 835010 8721 34.2 N.F. PAI CFT073 (E. coli CFT073), SHI-2 (Shigellaflexneri M90T), HPI (Yersinia enterocolitica WA 314) 11 groEL
PAI-L03 886571 889469 2898 35.8 tRNA-Lys (tRNA02) Not named (Enterococcus faecalis MMH594, V583) 7 N.F.
PAI-L04 973651 985197 11546 36.7 tRNA-Arg (tRNA03) Not named (Enterococcus faecalis MMH594, V583) 15 N.F.
PAI-L05 1619897 1622633 2736 36.4 N.F. Not named (Enterococcus faecalis MMH594, V583) 5 N.F.
  1. Footnote: Pathogenicity island-like regions were predicted by PAI Finder ( on PAIDB [15]. ^representative PAIs from PAIDB hits; Фas annotated by VFDB; *homo. PAI – abbreviation for homologous PAI; N.F.- Not found.