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Table 2 List of leptospiral proteins excreted in hamster urine during Leptospira infection

From: Identification of leptospiral 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase released in the urine of infected hamsters

Spot no. Accession no. Locus tag* Protein annotation MW (kDa) pI Predicted location#
32 gi:45599159 LIC10012 conserved hypothetical protein 61792 9.27 Unknown
gi:45599713 LIC10580 ABC transporter, atp-binding protein 71297 9.3 Cytoplasmic membrane
gi:45601755 LIC12676 conserved hypothetical protein 76551 5.75 Cytoplasm
gi:45602095 LIC13023 conserved hypothetical protein 51182 8.23 Cytoplasm
gi:45602258 LIC13191 conserved hypothetical protein 65453 6.51 Cytoplasm
gi:45602297 LIC13229 conserved hypothetical protein 68742 9.21 Unknown
gi:45602365 LIC13300 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase 47865 8.65 Cytoplasm
gi:45602427 LIC13362 chloride channel 67352 8.07 Cytoplasmic membrane
  2. *
  3. #The proteins were predicted with PSORTb (