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Table 3 C. gattii strains for additional assay validation

From: Real-time PCR assays for genotyping of Cryptococcus gattii in North America

Culture collection ID Geographic origin Sample type MLST Year of isolation
B4501 Australia Human VGI unknown
B4503 Australia Human VGI unknown
B4504 Australia Human VGI unknown
B4516 Australia Human VGI unknown
B5765 India Environmental VGI unknown
B9018 California Human VGI 2011
B9019 New Mexico Human VGI 2011
B9021 Rhode Island Human VGI 2011
B9142 Georgia Human VGI 2011
B9149 California Human VGI 2011
B8508 Oregon Human VGIIa 2009
B8512 Oregon Alpaca VGIIa 2009
B8558 Washington Human VGIIa 2010
B8561 Washington Human VGIIa 2010
B8563 Washington Human VGIIa 2010
B8567 Washington Dog VGIIa 2010
B8854 Washington Human VGIIa 2010
B8889 Oregon Environmental VGIIa 2010
B9077 Washington Environmental VGIIa 2011
B9296 British Columbia Environmental VGIIa 2011
B8211 Oregon Human VGIIb 2009
B8966 Oregon Horse VGIIb 2010
B9076 Washington Environmental VGIIb 2011
B9157 Washington Horse VGIIb 2011
B9170 Washington Porpoise VGIIb 2011
B9234 Washington Cat VGIIb 2011
B9290 British Columbia Cat VGIIb 2011
B9241 Oregon Human VGIIb 2011
B9428 Washington Cat VGIIb 2012
B9159 Washington Sheep VGIIc 2011
B9227 Oregon Cat VGIIc 2011
B9235 Oregon Human VGIIc 2011
B9244 Oregon Human VGIIc 2011
B9245 Oregon Human VGIIc 2011
B9295 British Columbia Environmental VGIIc 2011
B9302 Oregon Environmental VGIIc 2011
B9374 Oregon Human VGIIc 2011
B8965 New Mexico Human VGIII 2010
B9148 California Human VGIII 2011
B9151 Michigan Human VGIII 2011
B9163 New Mexico Human VGIII 2011
B9237 New Mexico Cat VGIII 2011
B9372 California Cow VGIII 2011
B9422 Oregon Cat VGIII 2012
B9430 Alaska Cat VGIII 2012
B7238 Botswana Human VGIV 2005
B7240 Botswana Human VGIV 2005
B7243 Botswana Human VGIV 2005
B7247 Botswana Human VGIV 2005
B7249 Botswana Human VGIV 2005
B7260 Botswana Human VGIV 2006
B7262 Botswana Human VGIV 2006
B7263 Botswana Human VGIV 2006
B7264 Botswana Human VGIV 2006
B7265 Botswana Human VGIV 2006