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Table 2 C. gattii strains for initial assay validation

From: Real-time PCR assays for genotyping of Cryptococcus gattii in North America

Isolate ID MLST Year Geographic origin Source
B7488 VGI 2009 Oregon Human
B7496 VGI 2009 Hawaii Dolphin
B8551 VGI 2010 Oregon Human
B8852 VGI 2010 Oregon Human
B8886 VGI 2010 Oregon Soil
B8887 VGI 2010 Oregon Soil
B8990 VGI 2010 California Human
B9009 VGI 2011 Washington Human
B6864 VGIIa 2004 Oregon Human
B7395 VGIIa 2008 Washington Dog
B7422 VGIIa 2009 Oregon Cat
B7436 VGIIa 2009 California Alpaca
B7467 VGIIa 2009 Oregon Porpoise
B8555 VGIIa 2006 Washington Human
B8577 VGIIa 2009 British Columbia Soil
B8793 VGIIa 2010 Oregon Canine
B8849 VGIIa 2010 Oregon Environmental
CA-1014 VGIIa unknown California Human
CBS-7750 VGIIa 1990 California Environmental
ICB-107 VGIIa unknown Brazil Human
NIH-444 VGIIa 1972 Washington Human
B7394 VGIIb 2008 Washington Cat
B7735 VGIIb 2009 Oregon Human
B8554 VGIIb 2010 Oregon Dog
B8828 VGIIb 2010 Washington Porpoise
B6863 VGIIc 2005 Oregon Human
B7390 VGIIc 2008 Idaho Human
B7432 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B7434 VGIIc 2008 Oregon Human
B7466 VGIIc 2008 Oregon Cat
B7491 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B7493 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Sheep
B7641 VGIIc 2008 Oregon Cat
B7737 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B7765 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Dog
B8210 VGIIc 2008 Oregon Human
B8214 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B8510 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B8549 VGIIc unknown Oregon Human
B8552 VGIIc unknown Oregon Human
B8571 VGIIc 2009 Washington Human
B8788 VGIIc 2010 Oregon Human
B8798 VGIIc 2005 Oregon Human
B8821 VGIIc 2010 Oregon Human
B8825 VGIIc 2009 Oregon Human
B8833 VGIIc 2010 Oregon Cat
B8838 VGIIc 2010 Washington Human
B8843 VGIIc 2010 Oregon Human
B8853 VGIIc 2010 Oregon Cat
B7415 VGIII 2009 California Alpaca
B7495 VGIII 2009 California Human
B8212 VGIII 2007 Oregon Human
B8260 VGIII 2009 Washington Cat
B8262 VGIII 1992 California Human
B8516/B8616 VGIII 2009 Oregon Cat
B9143 VGIII 2011 California Human
B9146 VGIII 2011 California Human