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Figure 3

From: Delineation of immunodominant and cytadherence segment(s) of Mycoplasma pneumoniae P1 gene

Figure 3

Western blot and ELISA analysis of M. pneumoniae lysate and Cross reactivity of Pab (rP1-I) and Pab (rP1-IV). Reactivity of P1 (170 kDa) with anti-P1 protein fragments antibody Pab (rP1-I), Pab (rP1-II), Pab (rP1-III) & Pab (rP1-IV) rose in Rabbit by western blotting (A) and by ELISA (B). (C) &(D) Immuno blot analysis of rP1-I, rP1-II, rP1-III and rP1-IV fragments with Pab (rP1-I) and Pab (rP1-IV) showing their cross reactivity with respective sera. Lane Marker: Molecular mass marker (kDa).

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