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Table 4 Characterization of the dominant bacteria through molecular signature of 16S rRNA genes amplified from the genomic DNA extracted from the bacterial isolates isolated from the composting during different phase

From: Assessment of bacterial diversity during composting of agricultural byproducts

Laboratory designation Morphological features (Gram staining) & Phylogenetic group Isolate name with Accession no 16S r DNA similarity (nucleotide identity) Accession no. of nearest neighbor Temperature & phase
J +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck1 AM778178 94% EF204304.1 30°C & Mesophilic
8 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck14 AM778191 95% AY647298.1  
30 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck10 AM778185 91% AY879290.1  
G +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck9 AM778188 98% AB188210.1  
PQ +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck7 AM778184 90% AY881638.1  
A +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck12 AM778189 99% AY881638.1  
38 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck8 AM778187 99% AB244427.1  
14 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck6 AM778183 96% EF157301.1  
31(a) +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck15 AM778192 96% DQ365587.1  
BC +,cocci; firmicutes Staphylococcus sciuri Durck16 AM884572 99% AM778188.1  
red -,rods; γ-proteobacteria Serratia marcescens Durck24 FR865468 91% EU781738.1  
H -,rods ; γ-proteobacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae Durck21 AM884577 96% EU078621.1  
17 -,rods ; γ-proteobacteria Enterobacter sakazakii Durck19 AM884575 97% CP000783.1 35°C & Mesophilic
actin 6 +,rods ; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck23 AM884579 99% DQ270752.1  
3 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus cereus Durck30 FR865474 94% EU624445.1  
QR +,rods; actinobacteria Microbacterium sp. Durck18 AM884574 99% AJ919993.1  
B +,rods ; firmicutes Lysinibacillus fusiformis Durck2 AM778179 91% DQ333300.1 40°C & Thermophilic
M +,cocci; actinobacteria Kocuria flavus Durck22 AM884578 98% EF675624.1  
D +,rods; firmicutes Terribacillus halophilus Durck28 FR865472 94% AB243849.1  
14 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus flexus Durck5 AM778182 94% DQ412062.1  
26 -,rods ; β-proteobacteria Acidovorax sp. Durck31 FR865475 90% AY258065.1  
X +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus nealsonii Durck26 FR865470 91% DQ416782.1  
32 -,rods; β-proteobacteria Comamonas kerstersii Durck29 FR865473 97% AJ430348.1 45°C & Thermophilic
Y +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus benzoevorans Durck27 FR865471 96% DQ416782.1  
21 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck17 AM884573 98% AY971362.1  
N +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck13 AM778190 92% AM778187.1 50°C & Thermophilic
IN +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus pumilus Durck3 AM778180 98% AB301019.1  
Q +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck11 AM778186 99% AB301021.1  
actin 5 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus subtilis Durck4 AM778181 94% AB244458.1 35°C & Cooling and Maturation
31 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus composteris RC1 Data not shown Data not shown  
L +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus southcampusis RC2 Data not shown    
actin 2 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus licheniformis Durck20 AM884576 97% DQ071561.1  
actin 1 +,rods; firmicutes Bacillus circulans Durck25 FR865469 95% AB189702.1