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Figure 5

From: Impact of agr dysfunction on virulence profiles and infections associated with a novel methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) variant of the lineage ST1-SCCmec IV

Figure 5

agr differential expression in USA400-related isolates. Top left: rnaIII expression was analyzed by RT-qPCR using ΔΔCT comparative method. RQ: Relative quantity, (BSI): bloodstream infection, (CT): catheter tip, (P): Pneumonia, (C): colonization and (PF): prosthesis fragment. Top right: The arrow indicates the arrow-tip-like zone of the δ-hemolysin activity on sheep blood agar. Bottom: Mean biofilm values (BU) for the populations formed by isolates showing hemolytic activity or absence of hemolysis.

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