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Table 3 Arid soil-induced coding sequences

From: Colonization strategies of Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf0-1: activation of soil-specific genes important for diverse and specific environments

Soil-induced fragment Locus tag Annotated product COG ID Grouping
Nutrition and transport
28ab Pfl01_2547 Putative 4-alpha-glucanotransferase COG1640 Carbohydrate transport and metabolism
29 Pfl01_0225 Amino acid ABC transporter, permease protein COG0765 Amino acid transport and metabolism
2b Pfl01_2143 Putative glutamine synthetase COG1629 Amino acid transport and metabolism
10 Pfl01_5595 type VI secretion protein TssB2 COG3516 T6SS
11a Pfl01_5642 Transcriptional Regulator, RpiR family COG1737 Regulation of phosphosugarmetabolism
9a Pfl01_3972 Putative diguanylate phosphodiesterase (EAL domain-containing protein) COG2200 Signal transduction mechanisms
18 Pfl01_0719 Transcriptional Regulator, LysR family COG0583 Transcriptional regulation
24 Pfl01_2366 Transcriptional Regulator, XRE family COG1709 Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
4 Pfl01_2660 Putative 5-Methylcytosine-specific restriction enzyme COG1401 Defense Mechanism
Poorly Characterized and uncharacterized
16 Pfl01_1075 Conserved hypothetical with extensin-like domain COG3921 Function unknown
23 Pfl01_3777 Hypothetical protein COG0596 General function prediction only
19 Pfl01_0609 Hypothetical protein   
27a Pfl01_2750 Hypothetical protein   
20 Pfl01_2901 Xylose isomerase-like TIM barrel   
13a Pfl01_3287 Putative Rho-binding antiterminator COG4568 Transcription
8a Pfl01_5547 Ribonuclease PH COG0689 Transcription
7 Pfl01_4448 Pyruvate Kinase COG0469 Carbohydrate transport and metabolism
12a Pfl01_4455 Putative insecticidal Toxin Protein (TccC)   
25 Pfl01_4265 Cytochrome C family protein   
30a Pfl01_3916 alkanesulfonate monooxygenase   
1 Pfl01_0250 TonB-dependent receptor   
21 Pfl01_2744 Putative Thiolase   
26 Pfl01_0911 Putative Fumarylacetoacetase   
3 Pfl01_5256 Putative alginate lyase   
14 Pfl01_5509 Hypothetical protein   
  1. (a) indicates the absence of a sigma 70 promoter; (b) indicates that the region was recovered twice in independent assays; (c) for antisense loci, the annotated product refers to the coding sequence found opposite the IVET-recovered antisense sequence. Locus tag is NCBI identification number for the P. fluorescens coding sequences.