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Table 8 Number of gene clusters predicted by SMURF, antiSMASH, or manual and experimental methods

From: Comprehensive annotation of secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes and gene clusters of Aspergillus nidulans, A. fumigatus, A. niger and A. oryzae

  SMURF antiSMASH Manual Experimental Total clusters predicted*
A. nidulans 49 66 63 9 71
A. fumigatus 33 38 29 5 39
A. niger 79 70 66 0 81
A. oryzae 57 73 62 2 75
  1. * The number for total clusters predicted is the sum total of non-redundant clusters predicted by any method for a species. Manual boundary predictions include those that were experimentally detemined and published, or were made by evaluating published expression profile data (M. Andersen et al, 2013), cluster synteny among Aspergillus strains/species, changes in functional annotation and/or increases in intergenic distance, in that order of relative weight.