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Figure 1

From: Rapid plasmid replicon typing by real time PCR melting curve analysis

Figure 1

Melting curves of serial dilutions of the FIIs replicon. The melting curves intensity differences based on 10-1 to 10-9 dilutions of the FIIs replicon (melting peak at 87.4 average for this experiment). For each melting curve the corresponding agarose band is presented in the grey box. Shown in pairs are the curves that gave a positive result both as melting curve and after visualization on agarose gel (blue = 10-1, purple = 10-2, green = 10-3, red = 10-4 and turquoise = 10-5). The dilutions from 10-6 to 10-8 are visible as peaks of 4300 y (10-6) to 4117 y (10-8). These are not shown as agarose bands because they were not visible on agarose gel.

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