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Table 2 Bacteria strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Two RND proteins involved in heavy metal efflux in Caulobacter crescentus belong to separate clusters within proteobacteria

Strains or plasmids Characteristics Source or reference
Escherichia coli   
DH5α Transformation recipient strain [47]
S17-1λ Conjugation donor strain [48]
C. crescentus   
NA1000 Also CB15N, synchronizable derivative of wild-type CB15 [49]
MM46 NA1000 ΔnczA (ΔCCNA_02473) This work
MM47 NA1000 ΔczrA (ΔCCNA_02809) This work
MM48 NA1000ΔczrAΔnczA This work
MM46+ MM46 xylX::nczA This work
MM47+ MM47 xylX::czrA This work
pGEM-T Easy Cloning vector; Ampr Promega
pRKlacZ290 pRK2-derived vector with a promoterless lacZ gene; Tetr [50]
pNPTS138 Suicide vector used for gene disruption containing oriT and sacB; Kanr D. Alley
pNPT228XNE xylX locus in pNPT228; Kanr [51]