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Table 1 Correlation between some relevant residues in E. coli CusA with the corresponding residues in the CzrA and NczA orthologs

From: Two RND proteins involved in heavy metal efflux in Caulobacter crescentus belong to separate clusters within proteobacteria

CusA M271 M391 M403 M410 M486 M501 M573 M623 M672 M755 M1009 D405 E939 K984
CzrA L301a M420 I430 I437 L512 V527 Q598 A648 E699 A782 Q1031 D432 L972 V1006
NczA L291 M410 I420 I427 L502 V517 H588 V638 E689 V722 Q1020 D422 L961 V995
Residue conserved b --- (L) M (M) I/L (I/L) I/V (I/V) L (L) ---(V/I) --- (−−-) --- (−−-) E (E) --- (−−-) Q ( Q ) D ( D ) L ( L ) V(V/I)
  1. aThe numbers correspond to the positions in C. crescentus CzrA and NczA proteins, respectively. The correspondence was determined by sequence alignment made using the PHYRE2 program [44].
  2. b Conservation profile within the CzrA-like proteins and in the NczA-like proteins (in parentheses). A conserved residue was considered the residue most prevalent (more than 75% conserved) in that position within the CzcA orthologous groups. In bold and italic are shown the residues absolutely conserved and ----- is not conserved.