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Figure 5

From: Two RND proteins involved in heavy metal efflux in Caulobacter crescentus belong to separate clusters within proteobacteria

Figure 5

Phylogenetic analyses of CzrA and NczA. Phylogenetic tree for the RND proteins was constructed using a neighbor-joining method. The tree was generated from multiple sequence alignment of protein sequences with higher than 55% identity to either C. crescentus CzrA or NczA, and the distances were calculated using CLUSTALX [40]. The branches were color-coded as follows: blue, Alphaproteobacteria; red, Gammaproteobacteria; orange, Betaproteobacteria; green, Chlamidiales. Some of the most prevalent genera present in each branch of the tree are indicated. The two separate clusters corresponding to either C. crescentus orthologs are indicated as follows: A, NczA orthologous group; B, CzrA orthologous group.

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