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Table 3 Phylogenetic affiliation of Pantoea isolates and their 16S rDNA sequences

From: Diversity of culturable bacteria including Pantoea in wild mosquito Aedes albopictus

  Name Origin Phylogenetic affiliation Accession numbers Similarity scorea(%)
Reference strains Ref-1 CFBP 474 Pantoea agglomerans U80202 100%
  Ref-2 CFBP 3614 Pantoea stewartii subsp. indologenes FJ611853 100%
Isolates from Ae. albopictus 86 Male, Ankazobe Pantoea sp. JQ958829 99%
  93 Male, Ankazobe Pantoea sp. KC217537 96%
  115 Female, Toamasina Pantoea sp. JQ958827 98%
  124 Female, Toamasina Pantoea sp. KC217539 99%
  111 Male, Toamasina Pantoea sp. JQ958826 99%
  127 Male, Toamasina Pantoea sp. KC217540 99%
  104 Male, Toamasina Pantoea sp. KC217538 96%
  85 Male, Ankazobe Pantoea sp. JQ958828 96%
  110 Male, Toamasina Pantoea sp. JQ958825 97%
  95 Female, Ankazobe Pantoea sp. JQ958830 97%
  131 Female, Toamasina Pantoea sp. KC217541 99%
  1. a 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity below 97% may suggest that the isolate represents a new species.