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Table 4 Results of qRT-PCR for the C. perfringens regulatory genes in the wild types and mutants

From: Comparative transcription analysis and toxin production of two fluoroquinolone-resistant mutants of Clostridium perfringens

Gene ID and name Regulatory function qRT-PCR fold
    change (mt/wt)
    NCTR ATCC13124
CPE_1501 CPF_1752 (virR) DNA binding response regulator, VirR 7.4 1.3
CPE_1500 CPF_1751 (virS) sensor histidine kinase, VirS 9.7 0.3
CPE_0646 CPF_0627 (virX) conserved hypothetical protein 2.2 −3.0
CPE_0957 CPF_1204 (vrr) VR-RNA 2.0 −158.5
CPE_1701 CPF_1955 (codY) GTP-sensing transcriptional pleiotropic repressor CodY 6.9 −1.8
CPE_0073 CPF_0069 Transcription antiterminator 1.5 −116.5
CPE_0642 CPF_0623 (RevR) DNA binding response regulator 2 −2