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Table 3 Microarray analysis of the genes that were downregulated in both gatifloxacin-resistant strains, 13124 R and NCTR R

From: Comparative transcription analysis and toxin production of two fluoroquinolone-resistant mutants of Clostridium perfringens

Gene ID (name) Function/Similarity Microarray (mt/wt)
    NCTR ATCC 13124
Biosynthesis of cofactors, prosthetic groups, and carriers
CPE1085 CPF_1341 (ispH) 4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase −2.4 −2.2
Energy metabolism
CPE0292 CPF_0288 carbohydrate kinase family protein −3.1 −2.5
CPE1185 CPF_1389 (pfk) 6-phosphofructokinase −1.7 −2.7
CPE0585 CPF_0565 (fruB) fructose-1-phosphate kinase −5.2 −2.3
CPE0692 CPF_0684 transaldolase −2.8 −2.3
CPE0725 CPF_0721 (nanI) * exo-alpha-sialidase −3.5 1.5
CPE0894 CPF_0887 (eutP) ethanolamine utilization protein, EutP −1.9 −2.0
CPE2348 CPF_2657 (ptb) phosphate butyryltransferase −2.3 −1.6
Purine, pyrimidine, nucleotides, and nucleosides
CPE1398 CPF_1652 (deoD) purine nucleoside phosphorylase −1.7 −3.4
Regulatory functions
CPE0586 CPF_0566 (fruR) transcriptional regulator, DeoR family −3.6 −2.6
CPE0631 CPF_0612 probable PBP5 synthesis regulator protein −2 −2.5
CPE1077 CPF_1333 transcriptional regulator, PadR family −3.1 −3.2
CPE2510 CPF_2833 transcriptional regulator, PadR family −2.6 −2.7
CPE1305 CPF_1512 probable transcriptional regulator −2 −1.6
Transport and binding proteins
CPE0600 CPF_0581 amino acid ABC transporter −4.8 −3.4
CPE1534 CPF_1785 PTS system, sucrose-specific IIBC component −3.1 −14.3
CPE2345 CPF_2654 putative maltose/maltodextrin ABC transporter −2.0 −1.8
Unknown functions
CPE2509 CPF_2832 degV family protein −3.6 −3.3
CPE1171 CPF_1374 mutator mutT protein homolog −6.4 −2.0
CPE2592 CPF_2917 phnA family protein −2. 8 −2.0
  1. * Decrease in the expression of nanI in NCTRR and increase of its expression in 13124R was confirmed by qRT-PCR.
  2. All of the data are the means of three different experiments.