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Table 2 Synonymous and non-synonymous changes at one or more positions within codons

From: Nucleotide substitutions in dengue virus serotypes from Asian and American countries: insights into intracodon recombination and purifying selection

Serotype Nonsyn_multiple Nonsyn_single Syn_multiple Syn_single
DENV-1 125 119 85 1355
DENV-2 105 106 55 1231
DENV-3 101 117 45 1148
DENV-4 0 314 58 1312
  1. More than one codon position is associated with synonymous (Syn) as well as non-synonymous (Nonsyn) changes in DENV. The numbers of such codons (Syn_multiple and Nonsyn_multiple) are shown along with codons where only one site has a substitution.