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Table 1 S . pombe strains used in this study*

From: Role of the fission yeast cell integrity MAPK pathway in response to glucose limitation

Strain Genotype Source/Reference
MM1 h+ Madrid et al. [17]
MM2 h- Madrid et al. [17]
MI200 h+pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ Madrid et al. [12]
MI201 h-pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ Madrid et al.[12]
LS116 h+pmk1::KanR pmk1(K52E)-GFP:: leu1+ Sánchez-Mir et al. [36]
MI702 h-pyp2-13myc::ura4+ Madrid et al.[8]
LS134 h+pmk1::kanR pyp2-13myc::ura4+ Sánchez-Mir et al. [36]
MI102 h+pmk1::kanR Madrid et al. [8]
TK107 h-sty1:: ura4+ Lab collection
MI204 h+sty1::ura4+pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ Madrid et al, [12]
MI700 h+rho2:: kanR pmk1-Ha6H:: ura4+ Madrid et al, [12]
GB3 h+pck2:: kanR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ Barba et al., [11]
GB29 h+rho2:: kanR pck2:: kanMX6 pmk1- Ha6H:: ura4+ Barba et al., [11]
GB35 h+pck1::ura4+pmk1- Ha6H::ura4+ Barba et al., [11]
MM539 h+rho2::kanR pck1::ura4+pmk1-Ha6H:ura4+ This work
JM1821 h-his7-366 atf1-Ha6H:: ura4+ J.B. Millar
AF390 h-his7-366 atf1-Ha6H:: ura4+pmk1::KanR This work
JM1521 h+his7-366 sty1-Ha6H:: ura4+ J.B. Millar
MI100 h+rho5::natR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ Madrid et al., [12]
JFZ1001 h+rho2:: kanR rho5::natR pmk1-Ha6H:: ura4+ This work
JFZ1004 h+rho2:: kanR rho5::natR pmk1-Ha6H:: ura4+ This work
JFZ1002 h+rho5::natR pck2:: kanR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ This work
JFZ1003 h+rho5::natR pck1::ura4+pmk1-Ha6H:ura4+ This work
MM657 h+git3::kanR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ This work
MM644 h+gpa2::kanR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ This work
MM234 h+pka1::kanR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ This work
MM649 h+rst2::natR pmk1-Ha6H::ura4+ This work
  1. *All strains are ade- leu1-32 ura4D-18.