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Figure 5

From: Comparison of the Legionella pneumophilapopulation structure as determined by sequence-based typing and whole genome sequencing

Figure 5

BRIG blast analysis of the Legionella genomes using the genome of Corby as a reference. The strains and figure colours used were from centre to outside ST152 (CST1 mauve), ST5 (CST1 light blue), ST611 (CST124 dark blue), ST454(CST2 medium blue), ST47(CST16 leaf green), ST376 (CST17 dark green), ST46(CST45 light green), ST59 (CST25 pink), ST42(CST14 red), ST84 (CST15 purple), ST337 (CST130 mauve), ST23 (CST19 light blue), ST37 (CST9 dark blue), ST68 (CST34 medium blue), ST154 (CST12 leaf green) and ST707 (CST71 dark green). Regions showing significant variability in genomic content are boxed with black lines and labelled 1–14.

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