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Table 2 Renibacterium salmoninarum isolates haplotype identified using multilocus tandem repeat sequencing

From: Multilocus variable-number tandem-repeat genotyping of Renibacterium salmoninarum, a bacterium causing bacterial kidney disease in salmonid fish

Haplotype Isolate name Country of origin Host species Environment (wild/farmed fish) Data of isolation
A MT1470, MT1511b, MT2119c, MT2622c Scotland RT FW, SW (F) 1994–2002
B MT452a, MT839, MT1351, MT1363, MT1880, MT2979, MT3277a, MT3314, MT3315b, MT3402, N4245, N6642, N6552d, N6553d, N6694, N6765, N6863e, N6864e Scotland, Norway AS, RT FW, SW (F) 1988–2009
C MT2943, MT3320 Scotland AS SW (F) 2005–2008
D MT3482, MT3483 Scotland AS, RT SW (F) 2009
E N3769, N6695 Norway AS, RT FW, SW (F) 1997–2008
F N5298 Norway AS SW (F) 2005
G MT3106, MT3479, TERV Scotland AS, RT FW, SW (F) 2006–2009
H MT861 Scotland AS FW (F) 1990
I MT1262 Scotland AS FW (F) 1992
J ATCC33209 N. America Chinook salmon SW (F) 1974
K MT3313 Scotland RT FW (F) 2008
L MT444 Scotland AS SW (F) 1988
M N5223 Norway AS SW (F) 2005
N N6975 Norway AS SW (F) 2009
O NCIMB1116 Scotland AS FW (W) 1960
P NCIMB1114 Scotland AS FW (W) 1960
Q N7443 Norway AS FW (W) 1985
  1. a,b,c,d,erepresent R. salmoninarum isolates from different disease outbreaks occurring on the same aquaculture site. RT – rainbow trout, AS – Atlantic salmon, FW – freshwater, SW – seawater, FA – farmed fish, W – wild wish.