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Table 11 Functionally characterized Sco and Mxa proteins

From: Comparative genomics of transport proteins in developmental bacteria: Myxococcus xanthus and Streptomyces coelicolor

Protein designation; Sco# or Mxan#, and reference1 UniProt Acc# TC# Probable or established function
S. coelicolor
MscL; Sco3190 [102] Q9KYV5 1.A.22.1.10 MscL, osmotic adaptation channel that influences sporulation and secondary metabolite production.
GlcP1/2; Sco7153; Sco5578 [103] Q7BEC4 2.A.1.1.35 MFS major glucose uptake porters (two identical sequences at the AA level, and having a single substitution on the NT level).
MdrA; Sco4007 [104] Q9ADP8 2.A.1.36.4 Putative MDR transporter; may export hydrophobic cationic compounds.
PitH1 and 2; Sco4138 and Sco1845 [105] Q9KZW3, Q9RJ23 2.A.20.1.5 and 6 Two putative low-affinity inorganic phosphate (Pi) uptake porters.
DasABC: Sco5232-4 (R, M, M). MsiK: Sco4240 (C) [106] Q9K489-91,Q9L0Q1 3.A.1.1.33 DasABC/MsiK; system for the uptake of chitin-degradation products.
Agl3EFG porter (R, M, M; Sco7167-Sco7165 [107]; Agl3K (C; unknown) Q9FBS7-5 3.A.1.1.43 Sugar uptake porter; induced by trehalose and melibiose using a GntR transcription factor. May use the MsiK ATPase [106].
MalEFG; Sco2231-Sco2229 (R, M, M) [108]; MalK (C) unknown. Q7AKP1, Q9KZ07-8 3.A.1.1.44 Sugar uptake porter; involved in maltose and maltodextrin uptake. May use the MsiK ATPase [106].
XylFGH. O50503-5 3.A.1.2.24 Xylose uptake porter; transcriptionally regulated by a GntR-type protein, ROK7B7.
XylF, Sco6009 (R; 1 N-terminal TMS);
XylG, Sco6010 (C; ATP-binding, no TMSs);
XylH, Sco6011 (M; 12 TMSs); [109]
Probable ABC peptide uptake porter; Sco5476-80 (M, R, M, C, C) [110] O86571-5 3.A.1.5.34 Probably takes up a peptide involved in the regulation of sporulation and secondary metabolite production.
Sco5117-Sco5121 (R, M, M, C, C) [111] Q9F353-49 3.A.1.5.35 Probable oligopeptide uptake porter.
BldKA-D and Sco5116; Sco5112-6 (M, R, M, C, C) [112] Q93IU3-0; Q8CJS2 3.A.1.5.36 BldKA-D and Sco5116; peptide uptake porter induced by S-adenosylmethionine.
DesABC; Sco7499-8, Sco7400 (R, M-M, C) [113] Q9L177-9 3.A.1.14.12 Desferrioxamine B uptake porter.
CchCDEF; Sco0497-4 (M, M, C, R) [113] Q9RK09-12 3.A.1.14.13 Ferric iron-coelichelin uptake porter.
DesEFGH; Sco2780 (R), Sco1785-7 (C, M, M) [113] Q9L07; Q9S215-3 3.A.1.14.22 Putative ferric iron-desferrioxamine E uptake porter.
SclAB; Sco4359-60 (C, M) [114] Q9F2Y8-7 3.A.1.105.13 SclAB transporter; confers acyl depsipeptide (ADEP) resistance. ADEP has antibiotic activity.
RagAB; Sco4075-4 (C, M) [115] Q7AKK4-5 3.A.1.105.14 RagAB exporter; involved in both aerial hyphae formation and sporulation.
SoxR regulon ABC exporter; Sco7008 (M, C) [116] Q9KZE5 3.A.1.106.9 Putative SoxR-regulated drug exporter; SoxR responds to extracellular redox-active compounds such as actinorhodin.
AreABCD; Sco3956-9 (C, M, C, M) [117] Q9ZBX6-3 3.A.1.146.1 Putative drug exporter; possibly specific for actinorhodin (ACT) and undecylprodigiosin (RED).
H+-PPase; Sco3547 [118] Q6BCL0 3.A.10.2.2 H+-translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase.
M. xanthus
MmrA; MXAN_5906 [119] Q1CZY0 2.A.1.2.83 Homologous to drug exporter; possibly involved in amino acid uptake and antimicrobial export.
TatABC; MXAN_2960, MXAN_5905-4, [120] Q1D854, Q1CZY1-2 2.A.64.1.2 Twin arginine targeting protein translocase.
RfbAB; MXAN_4623-2 (M, C) [121] Q1D3I2-3 3.A.1.103.4 Putative lipopolysaccharide exporter.
AbcA; MXAN_1286 (M-C) [122] Q1DCT0 3.A.1.106.10 AbcA; involved in molecular export; required for the autochemotactic process.
PilGHI; MXAN_5782-0 (R, C, M) [123] O30384-6 3.A.1.144.5 Necessary for social motility, pilus assembly and pilus subunit (PilA) export.
  1. 1 M: Membrane component; C: cytoplasmic ATPase energizer; R: Extracytoplasmic solute receptor of an ABC transporter.