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Table 1 Numbers of Sco transport proteins according to TC class and subclass

From: Comparative genomics of transport proteins in developmental bacteria: Myxococcus xanthus and Streptomyces coelicolor

TC classa Class description No. of proteins TC subclass Subclass description No. of proteins
1 Channel/Pore 20 1.A α-type channel 19
    1.B β-type porin 0
    1.C Pore-forming toxin 1
2 Secondary carrier 277 2.A Porter (uniporter, symporter, antiporter) 277
3 Primary active transporter 321 3.A P-P-bond hydrolysis-driven transporter 286
    3.B Decarboxylation-driven transporter 4
    3.D Oxidoreduction-driven transporter 28
    3.E Light absorption-driven transporter 3
4 Group translocator 7 4.A Phosphotransfer-driven group translocator 5
    4.B Nicotinamide ribonucleoside uptake transporter 1
    4.C Acyl CoA ligase-coupled transporter 1
5 Transmembrane electron carrier 9 5.A Transmembrane 2-electron transfer carrier 8
    5.B Transmembrane 1-electron transfer carrier 1
8 Auxiliary transport proteinb 4 8.A Auxiliary transport protein 4
9 Poorly defined system 20 9.A Recognized transporter of unknown biochemical mechanism 20
Total   658    
  1. Detailed class and subclass descriptions can be found at
  2. a Transporter classes 6 and 7 have not been assigned in the TC system yet and therefore are not listed here.
  3. b Auxiliary proteins facilitate transport via established transport systems and therefore are not counted as separate systems.