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Table 2 Hemolytic activity of culture supernatant from V. anguillarum wild-type and various V. anguillarum mutant strains against rainbow trout blood cells

From: Characterization of Plp, a phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase and hemolysin of Vibrio anguillarum

V. anguillarumstrain or treatment

Hemolytic activity (Relative to wild-type control ± SD)a


1.00 (±0.12)

JR1 (vah1)

0.98 (±0.16)

XM21 (vah1+)

1.20 (±0.28)

S262 (plp)

0.28 (±0.09)b

XM31 (plp+)

0.99 (±0.04)

S123 (rtxA)

0.94 (±0.22)

JR03 (plp vah1)

0.14 (±0.09)b

S183 (vah1 rtxA)

1.51 (±0.29)

XM62 (vah1+ rtxA)

0.73 (±0.03)

S187 (plp rtxA)

0.12 (±0.09)b

XM90 (vah1 rtxA plp)

−0.04 (±0.09)b

XM93 (vah1 rtxA plp+)

1.33 (±0.01)

Water (positive control)

1.15 (±0.16)

  1. aHemolytic activity assays carried out using the tube assay method as described in the Methods. Hemolysis by M93Sm was given the value of 1.00. The data are representative of two independent experiments, each with three replicates, ± one standard deviation (SD).
  2. bStatistically different from hemolytic activity for M93Sm (P < 0.05).