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Figure 2

From: Conjugative transfer of an IncA/C plasmid-borne blaCMY-2gene through genetic re-arrangements with an IncX1 plasmid

Figure 2

Schematic representation for the insertion sites for the CMY region into the pX1 backbone. Panel A) depicts the insertion of the large CMY region into the intergenic region between 046 and 047 hypothetical proteins. Panel B) shows the insertion of the short CMY region into stbE. The numbers under the solid black arrows correspond to nucleotide numbers in the annotation of the reference pX1 pOU1114 (GenBank: DQ115387). The surrounding nucleotide sequences at the insertion points are shown. Underlined letters mark the insertion site of the CMY region, and below the nucleotide number in the annotation of pOU1114. The CMY region sequence is indicated in italics, and the duplicated sequences generated during the transposition events are highlighted in boldface.

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