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Figure 1

From: Conjugative transfer of an IncA/C plasmid-borne blaCMY-2gene through genetic re-arrangements with an IncX1 plasmid

Figure 1

Schematic diagram of the CMY regions of Typhimurium strain YU39 and pX1 :: CMY transconjugants. Panel A) shows a schematic diagram of the CMY region in the pA/C plasmid of strain YU39 [5]. Panel B) depicts a large CMY region inserted into the intergenic region between 046 and 047 genes for IC2 transconjugant. Panel C) shows a short CMY region inserted into stbE gene for IIIC10 transconjugant. The PCR amplifications designed to assess the extension of the CMY regions are indicated by double arrowheads under the diagrams. The PCRs used to determine the pX1 CMY junctions are indicated by bars with circles.

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