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Figure 3

From: Biofilm extracellular DNA enhances mixed species biofilms of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Candida albicans

Figure 3

Mixed species biofilms facilitate S. epidermidis infection and blood dissemination in the subcutaneous catheter biofilm model in mice. Figure 3A depicts catheter CFU/ml and Figure 3B blood CFU/ml (systemic dissemination) of S. epidermidis and C. albicans in single species and in mixed species infections. S. epidermidis CFU/ml in mixed species infection was significantly greater than single species S. epidermidis infection both in catheters and in blood (p < 0.05). C. albicans CFU/ml from the catheter was significantly lower in mixed species biofilms then single species candida biofilms but were similar in the blood after single and mixed-species infections. S. epidermidis (SE) biofilms (single species) are shown in white bars, S. epidermidis in mixed species biofilms (Mixed (SE)) in gray bars, C. albicans (CA) (single species) in grainy bars and C. albicans in mixed species biofilms (Mixed (CA) in (chequered bars).

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