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Figure 1

From: Prevalence and characterization of Salmonella enterica from the feces of cattle, poultry, swine and hedgehogs in Burkina Faso and their comparison to human Salmonellaisolates

Figure 1

Pulsed-field gel analysis with Xba I (A) and Bln I (B) to assess the genetic similarity of the Salmonella isolates from animal and human feces from Burkina Faso. Fifty Salmonella strains belonging to serotypes Muenster (n = 20), Typhimurium (n = 17), Typhimurium var. Copenhagen (n = 3), Albany (n = 4), Virchow (n = 3) and Ouakam (n = 3) were analysed. FT = phage type.

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