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Table 1 Host genes identified from shRNAmir kinome screen required for Y. enterocolitica mediated knock-down of NF-κB activation

From: c-KIT signaling is targeted by pathogenic Yersiniato suppress the host immune response

Gene name Accession # Function
ABL NM_005157 Regulation of cell differentiation and adhesion
ACTR-IIB NM_001106 Activin and myostatin signaling involved in apoptosis, inflammation
CKII NM_177560 Regulation of metabolic pathways, signal transduction, transcription
ERK4/MAPK7 NM_139033 Signaling of receptor kinases and G protein-coupled receptors
GNE/DMRV NM_005476 Rate-limiting enzyme in sialic acid biosynthesis
HSPH1 NM_006644 Reduces protein aggregation and cytotoxicity through induction of HSP70
c-KIT NM_000222 Differentiation of hematopoietic progenitor cells and mast stem cells
MAP3K3 NM_002401 Regulation of NF-κB gene expression
MEK1 NM_002755 MAPK signal transduction pathways involved in transcription regulation
MONaKA/PXK NM_017771 Binds to and modulates Na,K-ATPase enzymatic and ion pump activities
NIK/MAP3K14 NM_003954 Activates NF-κB in response to TNFR and IL-1R signaling
PAK4 NM_005884 Inactivates actin binding/depolymerizing factor cofilin
PIK3R2 NM_005027 PI3K/Akt signaling associated with cell survival, proliferation
PI3-K-C2A NM_002645 Member of the PI3K family, potential role in integrin-dependent signaling
SGK1 NM_005627 Regulation of cell stress response through activation of ion channels
SGK2 NM_170693 Regulates ion channels in response to signals that activate PI3K
ULK2 NM_014683 Stress response, mediates mTOR signaling in autophagy
WNK1 NM_018979 Regulator of blood pressure by activating ion channel transporters
WNK3 NM_020922 Positive regulator of the transcellular Ca2+ transport pathway
  1. Genes in bold were selected for further validation.