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Figure 1

From: C. albicansgrowth, transition, biofilm formation, and gene expression modulation by antimicrobial decapeptide KSL-W

Figure 1

KSL-W inhibited C. albicans growth. The yeast was cultured in Sabouraud supplemented medium with or without KSL-W at various concentrations. The cultures were maintained for 5, 10, and 15 h at 37°C, after which time an MTT assay was performed for each culture condition. The growth was plotted as means ± SD of the absorbance at 550 nm. (A) C. albicans growth with KSL-W for 5 h; (B) C. albicans growth with KSL-W for 10 h; and (C) C. albicans growth with KSL-W for 15 h. The levels of significance for C. albicans growth in the presence or not of KSL-W or amphotericin B (10 μg/ml) were considered significant at P < 0 · 05.

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