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Figure 1

From: Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii from Brazil: role of carO alleles expression and blaOXA-23 gene

Figure 1

Alignment of A. baumannii CarO amino acid sequences from this study and available in GenBank. The ATCC 19606 [GenBank: ZP_05828783.1] and A6 [GenBank: ADQ27797.1] CarO sequences were selected as the representants of the CarOa and CarOb groups, respectively. Ab244 [GenBank: AAV80243; Argentina], Acb-1 [GenBank: ABG27024; Leban], ZJM007 [GenBank: AFH56947; China], OIFC074 [GenBank: EKL39362; Germany] and Naval-83 [GenBank: EKL48836; United States] were representants of different undefined CarO isoforms. The numbers correspond to amino acid positions. The gray box labels the CarOb group.

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