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Table 6 DNA-DNA relatedness (%) between DNAs of FR41/2 and other French Bifidobacterium mongoliense strains, and between FR41/2 and the type strains of B. mongoliense, B. minimum and B subtile

From: Detection and characterization of Bifidobacterium crudilactis and B. mongoliense able to grow during the manufacturing process of French raw milk cheeses

Species/collection and reference no. DNA-DNA relatedness with FR41/2
B. mongoliense DSM 21395T 95
B. mongoliense FR49/f/2; MarV3/22 100
B. mongoliense FR39/1 95
B. mongoliense MarV4/2 94
B. mongoliense FR101/h/8; MarV1/5 93
B. mongoliense FR66/e/1 92
B. mongoliense MarC1/13 89
B. mongoliense MarF/3 88
B. mongoliense PicD/1 86
B. mongoliense FR70/g/2 84
B. mongoliense FR47/2 80
B. minimum DSM 20102T 8
B. subtile DSM 20096T 15
  1. Legend of Table 6: DSMZ, Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH, Göttingen, Germany. The strain Bifidobacterium mongoliense (YIT 10443) was deposited in the DSMZ by Dr. Koichi Watanabe, Yakult Central Institute for Microbial Research, 1796, Yaho, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186–8650, Japan.