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Table 4 Inhibition types and inhibitor constants ( K i ) of several β-galactosidases

From: Metagenomic approach for the isolation of a thermostable β-galactosidase with high tolerance of galactose and glucose from soil samples of Turpan Basin

Enzyme source Substrate Inhibitor Inhibition type Ki(mM) Reference
Thermus sp. T2 ONPG Galactose Competitive 3 [10]
Glucose Noncompetitive 50
C. saccharolyticus pNPG Galactose Noncompetitive 12 [13]
Glucose Noncompetitive 1170
K. lactis ONPG Galactose Competitive 45 [14]
Glucose Noncompetitive 758
L. reuteri ONPG Galactose Competitive 115 [15]
Glucose Competitive 683
Arthrobacter sp. ONPG Galactose Competitive 12 [29]
H. courbaril pNPG Galactose Competitive 4 [30]
S. solfataricus ONPG Glucose Competitive 96 [31]
Unculturable microbes ONPG Galactose Competitive 238 This study
Glucose Competitive 1725