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Figure 6

From: Surface glycosaminoglycans mediate adherence between HeLa cells and Lactobacillus salivarius Lv72

Figure 6

Disaccharide units of GAGs: CS A is sulfated at C4 of GalNAc (pointed by an arrow). CS C is sulfated at C6 of GalNAc (pointed by an arrow). In CS B (DS) GlcA is epimerized to IdoA, and can be sulfated at C4 or C6 of GalNAc and C2 of IdoA. HS includes GlcA and IdoA residues and can be sulfated at C2 of the uronic acid residue and at N, C6 and C3 of GlcN; heparin is basically constituted of IdoA-GlcN oversulfated disaccharides.

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